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Individual Counseling
Couples Counseling
Family Counseling


Individual Counseling

At TherapyCultureLLC, we provide individual counseling services to help you navigate life's challenges. Our experienced therapists offer a safe and supportive environment to explore your thoughts and emotions, and work towards positive change.

Couples Counseling

Our clinic offers couples counseling to help partners improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their relationship. We understand the complexities of relationships and provide a non-judgmental space for couples to address their issues.

Family Therapy

Family therapy at TherapyCultureLLC focuses on improving family dynamics, resolving conflicts, and enhancing communication. Our therapists work with families to foster understanding, empathy, and cooperation, creating a harmonious and supportive family environment.

Our Approach

At TherapyCultureLLC, we believe in a personalized approach to therapy. Our team is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and tailoring our counseling techniques to best support you. We are committed to providing a compassionate and confidential space for you to explore, heal, and grow.

My Philosophy

Rest assured that just because I may have some letters behind my name, I too live in the same world you live in and face similar challenges as you, everyday. I will share that sometimes my "normal" life feels anything but "normal" and I can relate to the feeling disconnected from what is supposed to be a scheduled and consistent routine. However, although it is not always easy, I work hard daily to bring order and peace to my life; you can do the same!

The Philosophy Behind Therapy

Time spent with a client is tailored to their individual mental health needs and situation. I offer individualized, supportive and solution focused mental health counseling, clinical evaluations and court-ordered therapy that is driven to meet your most urgent short-term needs while also focused on supporting your long-term goals. I most commonly work with clients experiencing trauma symptoms, anxiety, depression, facing feelings of overwhelm and unmanageable stress, struggling with anger management, in need of relapse prevention support or substance abuse treatment, as well as those who just desire to improve their overall well-being.

My Approach
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